“Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without, passion.” -George Wilhelm

September is a natural starting point for new things; our minds are oriented to make a blind leap without fear and begin something new whenever September arrives because of our many years spent in school. After a relaxing summer filled with new opportunities and experiences, I am excited about beginning a new challenge in my life; Blogging!

With the advent of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, our lives have become an open book to many through sharing photos and videos, but it lacks that color commentary that comes from the beauty of the written word. After speaking with some close friends and colleagues, along with the suggestions of complete strangers who follow me on social media, I have decided to begin blog.

As a young, professional executive, female from the Northeast, working in a male dominated industry, I hope to use this new platform to share my experiences with those looking for an example (through my successes and failures) that goals can be achieved, provide some insight into the amazing world of food and travel, and garner a tremendous amount of laughs as I pursue my passion through balance an international career, exotic travel, and the practicalities of everyday living.

Food is my first passion and its natural compliment is travel. Whether it was sitting in my childhood home watching television or laying on my bed dreaming about exotic places, eating and travel always seemed so far out of reach, especially coming from a family where coupons were clipped and major discounts were sought. Even after grad school, the sight of my initial post-graduate paycheck made me think eating anything besides canned soup and traveling to the bordering town was going to be the extent of my dreamy “exotic” lifestyle.

I am no Conde Nast, Anthony Bourdain or a Michelin Inspector but at 32 years old, I have managed to live in Australia, visit multiple countries on every continent (except Antarctica) for an extended period of time, and eat at some amazing restaurants; some that only the locals know, others that proudly display their coveted 3-Star Michelin rating, and everything in between.

I am (currently) not super wealthy nor did I come from great privilege but I learned at a young age to follow your passion and never take “no” for an answer. While money, freedom and time allow for anyone to eat and travel like a celebrity, I have found through pursuing my passion, constantly making contracts wherever I go, and opportunity have allowed me to live a life most people can only achieve in a dream. Stop dreaming because with a little effort in pursuing the things you love, you too can actually live that dream life. I hope my words, photos and stories inspire you to stop dreaming and really start living.

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