There’s no such thing as too much sauce…a review of Laut in NYC

When I walked into Laut, I was immediately transported to the time I spent in Bangkok two years ago. It was warm, loud, vibrant, and chaotic and smelled like chili peppers, curry and noodles. If you have ever been on the streets of a noisy and crowded city in Asia, you know exactly what I am talking about!

The crowd was very mixed, but leaned towards the younger side (20s to early 30s). This looked like the perfect place to have a group gathering, but not necessarily a one and one date. Did I mention it was super loud in here? There was a 20-30-minute wait when we arrived around 8pm, but it didn’t take her too long to seat us.

The ambiance is made is look like you are food market in Southeast Asia. There are posted signs for Malaysian delicacies on the walls and the waiters and waitresses are bustling around like chickens with their heads cut off.

They immediately dropped off menus and an IPad with menus/pictures for us to take a look at and poured us some water. If you know how spicy some of these dishes can get, you can appreciate their attentiveness to our water jars! We started off with two cocktails. I had the pineapple, ginger martini and my boyfriend had the Coconut toddy. My drink was perfect for a warm late summer night. It was sweet, refreshing and not too strong. I took a sip of the coconut drinks…dang, there was a kick to it! It was like coconut water and booze!

We started off with the fresh spring roll and the fried soft shelled crab. They came out straight away, which is great because I was looking at everyone else’s food and getting super hungry! But I digress. The spring rolls were super tasty and very healthy. My favorite part was the dark sauce they put on the side. I wanted to ask for more but the waiters seemed so busy, I felt bad! The soft-shell crab was good, but I felt like it was missing something. It came with spices, bell peppers, cilantro and a dash of sriracha but was really missing a sauce. It seemed bland to us.

After the small bites, we tried the Roti Telur. I never had anything like this before, we were both very pleased. According to the menu, this is a must have, so you better follow the rules! If the Michelin guys rave about it, you know it’s good! The spicy curry dip is what makes the dish. I had my pancakes doused in that sauce like a 5 year old has his pancakes soaking in maple syrup at the local Ihop.

Lastly, we split the Drunken Man noodles with shrimp.  I absolutely love Pad See Ew, so I knew I couldn’t go wrong here. The dish was very tasty. It was pretty much what I expected though and was hoping they might put a different spin on it.

While I’m sure I could have stuffed my face with more food, they had Mango sticky rice on the menu and well, if you have never tried this dish…you’re in for a treat! It’s sticky rice made with loads of super sweet coconut milk and sliced mangos and strawberries on top. The is one of my all-time favorite desserts of anywhere I have ever traveled too. It’s delightful.

Everything came out super quickly here and even with 4+ courses, we were out of there within the hour, which was totally okay as I honestly couldn’t even hear myself think. Food was good and very filling and the staff was friendly. If I were to go back, I would go on an off hour, like 5pm or 10pm because 8pm on a Thursday was just a little too chaotic for me!

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